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Favourite blogs

The weekend is here and I just want to share some of my favourite blogs with you..

Enjoy! 🙂

First up is my very good friend Hanne. I love her take on life 🙂

Then on to the wonderful & colourful world of another Hanne @ Babyramen.

Gertie, oh how i adore Gertie. This blog has given me so many giggles and aha! moments over the past years. Love it!

Elsie – I wish I was as driven and creative as her. Caution! you will get hooked in her magical universe 😉

(oh – and her dog is soooo cute!)

Las, but not least – The Sartorialist

This is another universe I can get totally and utterly lost in for hours. Fabulous pictures and so many inspirational personal styles!

So there you have them. My favourite blogs.

While you get lost in them – I will enjoy my Saturday brunch: homemade blueberry/raspberry scones and fresh coffee.

I think Alfie is jealous 😉