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Wishing and waiting….

It`s time for the holidays all too soon, and these things are on the top of my wishlist! (ok…I know it`s early – but I just needed a reason to make a wishlist ;-))

1. This amazing lamp!I want it for my entrance, but I just can`t decide on which colour I want…hmmm! Any opinions? (check out


2. Cross country ski`s!! What Norwegian doesn`t own a pair of cross country ski`s (well – except for me that is)?? Plus – I have to continue training my trusted sidekick even when the bike has to be put away for the risk of playing Bambi)


3. A new harness for my trusted sidekick so we are ready to do this when the snow arrives! 🙂


4. A revisit here! (or somewhere similar)


5. This amazing machine…I`ve wanted one for years and years to bake and make all sorts of karb-filled goodies in the kitchen!


6. New danceshoes…these remind me of my “old days” as a ballet dancer all the while being salsa shoes and pretty feminine 🙂 find them here: