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Fall is here

and with it comes the rain, the chanterelles, the berries and the baking.

This weekend we traveled to my friends cabin to do nothing else but eat, drink wine, laugh and maybe go for a walk. Bliss!

Oh! and my fabulous friend Hanne @ found herself on the cover of VG. You look so wonderful Hannecita – I`m proud of you (and all the others that did their uttermost to save lives)!



Wishing and waiting….

It`s time for the holidays all too soon, and these things are on the top of my wishlist! (ok…I know it`s early – but I just needed a reason to make a wishlist ;-))

1. This amazing lamp!I want it for my entrance, but I just can`t decide on which colour I want…hmmm! Any opinions? (check out


2. Cross country ski`s!! What Norwegian doesn`t own a pair of cross country ski`s (well – except for me that is)?? Plus – I have to continue training my trusted sidekick even when the bike has to be put away for the risk of playing Bambi)


3. A new harness for my trusted sidekick so we are ready to do this when the snow arrives! 🙂


4. A revisit here! (or somewhere similar)


5. This amazing machine…I`ve wanted one for years and years to bake and make all sorts of karb-filled goodies in the kitchen!


6. New danceshoes…these remind me of my “old days” as a ballet dancer all the while being salsa shoes and pretty feminine 🙂 find them here: