Oslo, my Oslo

My beloved city was attacked today, and scenes I never thought I`d see unfolded as a huge bomb went off smack in the middle of the city.

But even more so the other event that unfolded itself an hour or so after the initial attack. At Utøya – where 700 youths were gathered at a governing Labour Party youth camp, this man set the boat adrift (thus cutting off the only escape) and started shooting kids. I think that part is almost worse for me then the bomb, because the fact of trapping them out there and systematicly shooting them in a monstrosity!

It`s horrible!

My thoughts go out tonight to those affected and those missing their loved ones.


Tuscany – Impressions

Here`s some impressions from my amazing trip to Tuscany. It was magic, and I captured some of it through my trusted Iphone & favourite app Hipstamatic.



Living the good life in Tuscany is easy

the pool at sundown





Tuscany here I come!!

I am so excited!!

Tomorrow I am leaving Oslo behind heading for Tuscany  and the picturesque village of Santa Fiora..

I have been in Italy several times before, but never in Tuscany (if you don`t count the time we went to Florence back in 1984 that is 😛 ).

However – I absolutely love Italy, so this really  is a trip I`m truly excited for!

I am looking forward to lots of good food (some little bird told me the trattorias in this region are amazing at using whatever comes in fresh that day), good wine, beautiful sceneries and lot`s of R & R at our house (the patio with the pool seen below)

I have wowed to myself to do yoga every day at this patio (and I made Jo swear she will make me if I try to skip) to stretch out my tired salsera-body and regenerate my head 🙂

We`re also gonna explore the equally beautiful villages surrounding Santa Fiora, like

Abbadia San Salvatore

Abbadia San Salvatore




Evening @ Piancastagnaio

and maybe even visit the natural hot springs at Grosseto (Saturnia)

What a week it will be! 🙂


Ice Ice baby…

31…oh my!

Sooooo…yesterday was my birthday.


That feels weird!

Somehow I thought I would be more “grown up” when I was 31 back in the early twenties 😉

But the day turned out to be quite amazing..and it all started with my good friend Stig bringing me these yummy cakes at work. Yes, he was up at 3 o´clock last night making these white chocolate dreams with passionfruit filling and rasberries, thus managing to put my 3 very favourite things in one package.

Stig – these are the best birthday cakes I`ve ever had (sorry Mom! ;-P )

On the tram home from work, this very proper old man came and sat next to me – just having a conversation about the weather and how nice it is to finally have spring arriving. It was a very small thing, but somehow it made me happy and it made me think of my beloved mormor that passed away 2 years ago.

You are sorely missed and have been on my mind all day!

the two best moments of this day however – were the phonecall from my Dad, and Mambocitas rehearsal  including flowers, singing and a huge group hug.

You girls are the best!!


oh blissfull weekend! :-)

So after a couple of stressful weeks with rehearsals, work, dogs, meetings, traveling to Gothenburg for the congress and the show – I was in need of some serious relaxing and this weekend I finally got it.

So Friday night was spent at home, phone turned off, and lights made calming and relaxing by these cute lanterns I bought from Perfect Home

I`m gonna buy more hooks and hang them individually in different heights like they are here – but with more space between them. They castvery nice shadows on the wall and makes this corner come to life (nothing really happened there before – just a plain white wall)

I also had the time for the first time to sit down and really sketch this week – and I love it so much. Cannot wait to start constructing patterns and looking for fabrics this week for all the costumes. The girls are gonna look fab!!

Last night I also had my first night out with the girls in ages…we had a blast as always – the night was filled with catching up, laughter and fun! Oh – and a lot of red lipstick 😉




This weekend the salseros traveled to Gothenburg to take part in the 5th Scnadinavian Salsa Congress.

Last year, this very congress was my very first meeting with the “hardcore” salsalife, having only danced about 4 months –  and this year myself and my fellow Mambocitas Kathinka & Tiril + our MambOsa Magda returned as some of the artists performing. Can you believe it? I am so happy to get to share this with them and it was an amazing – yet somewhat bizarre – experience being there on stage at an international congress and seing great performers like Yamulee and Oliver Pineda in the audience!

I love performing and definitively want to do it again! Also – it was very cool seing my designs up there on stage (and in the newspaper  “Göteborgs Posten” the following day) 🙂

The Peanuts goes yoga….

Just a quick update before bedtime.. When returning from (another) rehearsal tonight, I was putting on the calming music, turning down the lights and rolling out my yogamat to do my stretching and relaxing routine – but to my surprise I found there was not really any room for me on the mat 😉


New project on the way and last night I made the moodboard all over one of my livingroom walls…

I love this part of the process when ideas are flying around my head and all I wanna do is stay home and sketch the night away with some cool music,

rolig stjerne

some tea or wine and calm lighting.


Dahlia – a star is born!?!?!

So – what`s new in the bussy world of my tiny pack these days?

Let me tell you…on Wednesday while out having dim sum (mmmmmmmmmmm) with the lovely Mambocitas when I received a phonecall from an old aquaintance of mine. She works in television/commercials and one of her colleagues was in need of a jack russel. Could she give him my number she wondered?

Of course!

So to make a long story short – today both Alfie & Dahlia made their debut in front of a camera.

To read the whole story, check out Alfie`s blog @ www.wordpress.alfieville.com 😉

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