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Funky photoshoot

So, today I styled a funky photoshoot at the very cool location of Villa Stenersen here in Oslo. My clues from the photographers (yes – plural) were: dark, rock n`r roll, desperate, raw, Nick Cave  & glamorous, rock chic, animalistic (is that even a word?)

Really had so much fun at this shoot and the model was awesome! This girl would jump into any situation without hesitation and gave us such a variety of moods and looks. Cudos to her!!

I just love this picture I snapped with my Hipstamatic

Am really looking forward to seing the photo`s…will share them of course!! 🙂

And I just have to do a makeup-shoot with this girl – her face is amazing!


I am sick – AGAIN!

Thankfully I have two very adorable “heaters” to keep me company 🙂


Can I just say – I love love love this dress by Alexanser McQueen and I think Emma Watson wears it oh so fabulously!

I`m sick at the moment, so I think I`ll make myself a cup of tea and watch some “Project Runway”..I feel inspired!

Have a good night everyone 🙂

Go sixities!

This weekend two friends celebrated their birthdays with a swinging sixties party. After careful explanation from my Mom on how to make a typical hairdo (including stalkings in there) – off I went 🙂

Fall is here

and with it comes the rain, the chanterelles, the berries and the baking.

This weekend we traveled to my friends cabin to do nothing else but eat, drink wine, laugh and maybe go for a walk. Bliss!

Oh! and my fabulous friend Hanne @ found herself on the cover of VG. You look so wonderful Hannecita – I`m proud of you (and all the others that did their uttermost to save lives)!


Favourite blogs

The weekend is here and I just want to share some of my favourite blogs with you..

Enjoy! 🙂

First up is my very good friend Hanne. I love her take on life 🙂

Then on to the wonderful & colourful world of another Hanne @ Babyramen.

Gertie, oh how i adore Gertie. This blog has given me so many giggles and aha! moments over the past years. Love it!

Elsie – I wish I was as driven and creative as her. Caution! you will get hooked in her magical universe 😉

(oh – and her dog is soooo cute!)

Las, but not least – The Sartorialist

This is another universe I can get totally and utterly lost in for hours. Fabulous pictures and so many inspirational personal styles!

So there you have them. My favourite blogs.

While you get lost in them – I will enjoy my Saturday brunch: homemade blueberry/raspberry scones and fresh coffee.

I think Alfie is jealous 😉

Tonight, the streets are filled with love

This was the situation at Oslo`s City Hall tonight. Almost 200 000 gathered, roses in hand, to show the murderer we will not bow to his twisted terror.

After the “rose march” which could not actually be done as a march due to the massive, overwhelming crowd – people brought their flowers out into our city and decorated it.

On statues, fountains, postboxes, bicycles, the windscreen wipers of police cars and ambulances, in fountains, along bridges, on traffic lights and roadsigns, in doorways, by broken windows, in the wire safety fences set up by the police to secure the bomb zone

Norway is keeping our heads cool and our hearts warm!

The moment Norway stood still..

At 12 o clock this morning all of Norway stood still. I went to the center of my city – to the cathedral to be near the other people morning with me. At the precise moment all sounds were muffled. The trams and busses stood still and I could hear my city go completely silent. No cars, no talking, only silence and hundreds of people. For five minutes is was utter silence. I still have not been able to cry,  I`ve just had this constant lump in my throat ever since the moment the bomb ripped through the city.

But one thing is true:

I am so proud to be Norwegian.

I am so grateful to be Norwegian.

I am so happy to be born in a country where people don`t cry out for blood – but rather stand together as one with love.

I am so proud to be part of a community where our leaders show their grief and sorrow – but still preach openess, democracy and peace.

A german newspaper article says: “Even in their deepest sorrow the norwegians don’t get hysterical. They resist the hate. It is amazing to see how politicians and the whole country reacts. They are sad to the deepest thread of their souls. They cry in dignity. But nobody swears to take revenge. Instead they want even more humanity and democracy. That is one of the most remarkable strengths of that little country.”

I want to repeat the words of one of the survivours  after the massacre at Utøya,

” If one man can show this much hate, think how much love we can show together”

My little country..

Tonight we are all walking together here in Oslo to show respect and compassion to those that are hurt by this tragedy.


When I went to bed last night after spending hours in front of the TV, I thought 17 people had lost their lives in this horrible attack. 17 people – amongst them 10 youths. A horrible number in itself.

My sleep last night was irradic and broken by bad dreams, and I awoke early this morning to the unfathomable news that over 80 kids had been slaughtered by this man.


What sick, twisted mind can justify killing 80 people, and even worse – 80 kids as young as 12-13 years old?? To trap them on an island without any escape except throwing themselves into the water and atempting the very long swim (I have been to Utøya – I know how long that swim is) in the cold water. We have seen killings like this before in schools and such in the U.S, but this one seems so much more evil (if that`s possible) to me because this guy dressed himself as a policeofficer – someone we are taught to trust and respect –  and used this fact to lure the kids hiding to come out under the pretence of being there to help them. Then he shot them down – laughing. That to me is evil beyond belief.

My heart bleeds for those affected by this tragedy. For those who lost their lives, their loved ones, their friends and children.

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