When I went to bed last night after spending hours in front of the TV, I thought 17 people had lost their lives in this horrible attack. 17 people – amongst them 10 youths. A horrible number in itself.

My sleep last night was irradic and broken by bad dreams, and I awoke early this morning to the unfathomable news that over 80 kids had been slaughtered by this man.


What sick, twisted mind can justify killing 80 people, and even worse – 80 kids as young as 12-13 years old?? To trap them on an island without any escape except throwing themselves into the water and atempting the very long swim (I have been to Utøya – I know how long that swim is) in the cold water. We have seen killings like this before in schools and such in the U.S, but this one seems so much more evil (if that`s possible) to me because this guy dressed himself as a policeofficer – someone we are taught to trust and respect –  and used this fact to lure the kids hiding to come out under the pretence of being there to help them. Then he shot them down – laughing. That to me is evil beyond belief.

My heart bleeds for those affected by this tragedy. For those who lost their lives, their loved ones, their friends and children.


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