Tuscany here I come!!

I am so excited!!

Tomorrow I am leaving Oslo behind heading for Tuscany  and the picturesque village of Santa Fiora..

I have been in Italy several times before, but never in Tuscany (if you don`t count the time we went to Florence back in 1984 that is 😛 ).

However – I absolutely love Italy, so this really  is a trip I`m truly excited for!

I am looking forward to lots of good food (some little bird told me the trattorias in this region are amazing at using whatever comes in fresh that day), good wine, beautiful sceneries and lot`s of R & R at our house (the patio with the pool seen below)

I have wowed to myself to do yoga every day at this patio (and I made Jo swear she will make me if I try to skip) to stretch out my tired salsera-body and regenerate my head 🙂

We`re also gonna explore the equally beautiful villages surrounding Santa Fiora, like

Abbadia San Salvatore

Abbadia San Salvatore




Evening @ Piancastagnaio

and maybe even visit the natural hot springs at Grosseto (Saturnia)

What a week it will be! 🙂



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