31…oh my!

Sooooo…yesterday was my birthday.


That feels weird!

Somehow I thought I would be more “grown up” when I was 31 back in the early twenties 😉

But the day turned out to be quite amazing..and it all started with my good friend Stig bringing me these yummy cakes at work. Yes, he was up at 3 o´clock last night making these white chocolate dreams with passionfruit filling and rasberries, thus managing to put my 3 very favourite things in one package.

Stig – these are the best birthday cakes I`ve ever had (sorry Mom! ;-P )

On the tram home from work, this very proper old man came and sat next to me – just having a conversation about the weather and how nice it is to finally have spring arriving. It was a very small thing, but somehow it made me happy and it made me think of my beloved mormor that passed away 2 years ago.

You are sorely missed and have been on my mind all day!

the two best moments of this day however – were the phonecall from my Dad, and Mambocitas rehearsal  including flowers, singing and a huge group hug.

You girls are the best!!



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