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This weekend the salseros traveled to Gothenburg to take part in the 5th Scnadinavian Salsa Congress.

Last year, this very congress was my very first meeting with the “hardcore” salsalife, having only danced about 4 months –  and this year myself and my fellow Mambocitas Kathinka & Tiril + our MambOsa Magda returned as some of the artists performing. Can you believe it? I am so happy to get to share this with them and it was an amazing – yet somewhat bizarre – experience being there on stage at an international congress and seing great performers like Yamulee and Oliver Pineda in the audience!

I love performing and definitively want to do it again! Also – it was very cool seing my designs up there on stage (and in the newspaper  “Göteborgs Posten” the following day) 🙂


The Peanuts goes yoga….

Just a quick update before bedtime.. When returning from (another) rehearsal tonight, I was putting on the calming music, turning down the lights and rolling out my yogamat to do my stretching and relaxing routine – but to my surprise I found there was not really any room for me on the mat 😉


New project on the way and last night I made the moodboard all over one of my livingroom walls…

I love this part of the process when ideas are flying around my head and all I wanna do is stay home and sketch the night away with some cool music,

rolig stjerne

some tea or wine and calm lighting.