All I need…

To make me feel better in my state of fever/sore throat/stress of having 6 costumes to finish is small things like:

The sight of a very happy Dahlia in the morning (well you can not actually see her – but you can hear the happy sighs coming from under the covers)


Someone is allowed to sleep in the bed...

someone putting hearts in my morning coffee…

hearts in my it!

The lovely Kathinka & Josefin from Mambocitas stopping by, bringing me food and helping out wherever they can on the costumemaking. Girls – I really appreciate it!! (And Dahlia does too 😉 )

6 small bowls of bling ready to be sewn on the dresses...

Kath (& Dahlia) ready to bling!


Tomorrow is the big day – I still am not nervous about the show because I simply have had no time to think. But trust me – it will come! Especially knowing that the amazing Melissa Rosado & Super Mario will be there…no pressure!! 😉

Will tell you all how it went!




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