What`s in my purse you wonder…..

Well…I felt inspired yet again by my lovely friend MissLuckyH to check out and photograph the contents of my (big) purse.

When I started emptying it out on the table and displaying it I finally realized why I always drag around such big bags 😉

So here it is!

I have:

Wallet (with Euros in it right now having just been in Amsterdam this weekend – more on that to come)

Iphone (with headphones – I am after all addicted to music)

3 Raisinbuns I bought last night and is planning to eat soon

bottle for water

painkillers with coffeine (for the stressed week to come)


poopiebags (I have 2 dogs and faithfully pick up after them!)

2 packages of chewing gum



and finally :

2 (yes TWO) pairs of danceshoes with additional bag.

So there you have it – my life in a bag 😉

What have YOU got in there?????


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