designing (and the good life)..

early morning design-session

Lately I have been in a design-craze for the first time in a long long while…

I have been thinking about making a collection of fabulous clothing for girls that dance salsa for a long time, and now I`ve been offered the opportunity to show off my designs at a party. I have been dancing for 1,5 year now and it`s very clear that every girl I know struggle to find clothes that make you look fabulous, but don`t do any of these things:

1.slide up (and reveal your panties and/or tummy)

2.slide down (and flash your bra – or lack there of 😛 )

3. be so tight it stops your movement

4. be too thick/warm..

it`s already warm enough in the clubs..

(Exibit A!)

At the same time, you want to be able to use the clothes outside of salsa too, and NOT look what I call “salsa-tacky” 😉

So….this week I`ve finally been able to put the designs floating about in my head down on paper and went fabric-shopping for 3 of them.

making and fitting the muslin for the jumpsuit

Yesterday I finally started constructing the pattern for the first outfit – which is gonna be a very glamorous and comfortable jumpsuit and hopefully I will finish it this weekend.

trying to decide what colours to choose..

Now all I have to do is figure out what I`m gonna call this “brand”



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