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Ok…I told you about the wonderful world of Gertie some time ago.

I really love her blog and get tons of inspiration while learning sooo much about tailoring. Also – I think she`s got a really sweet and funny way of expressing herself, and am totally envious of her ability to start (and finish) all these amazing projects.

(read more from Gertie here:

So I was very happy when she announced on her facebook-page that she will be doing a sew-a-long 😀

The pattern will be this fabulous coat.

Perfect for fall/winter/spring here in Norway. I`m thinking either green of some sort or lilac…both colour-schemes work well with my being a “pelirroja”  😉

What to choose? apple-greenish or lilac????


Summer 2010 – impressions

Here`s some impressions from my summer!!


My friend`s baby - 7 weeks old!

Norway cup girls

My dad and me at his birthday

out on a boat - salsa summer camp!

salsa life

fun with a fan 🙂

goofing about…

real norwegian very favourite thing!