DBS…talk about quality!

I really love my bike!

I got it at the police`s annual auction where I snatched it out from under a very persistant man`s nose. I wanted that bike – and I got it. It´s a typical citybike with 6 gears and  a big, comfy seat (well…as comfy as possible on a bike). It even has a basket in front and that basket – which I normally use for my bag og such – came in very handy today.

My lovely dog Alfie needs special food (he has special needs…hihi), and I thought I was picking up 6 kg today at the vet`s office, so of course I took my bike. But when I showed up they had ordered 14 kg`s instead and I was left scratching my head over how to get the huge sack home ALONG with my bike…eh presto – I shooved it down into the basket and zig zagged my way home.

I cannot believe my bike actually held up!

Thanks DBS! 😉


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