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Last night while at my good friends B-day party – I received a text message from one of my salseras shouting out about a 30% discount at one of the best online shops for danceshoes.

I have long wanted a couple of new pairs to mix up my style since I only have 2 (yeah – I know…) pairs of danceshoes left that don`t have too strong an odeur yet 😛 So after a lovely stroll with coffee in hand, waffles and accompanied by my friend Tone, I boldly sat down – computer in hand – and decided to check out the sale. I did VERY well and only ended up with 2 pairs 😉


They`re coming my way 😀 (especially enthusiastic about the blue ones….)

Thank`s to



This is what May should look like....

Lately us Norwegians have been able to tell ourselves that it`s warm outside..ok – you really freeze, but the placebo effect is in full vigour when we put all our winterclothing in the attic and start using those thin spring/summer jackets in spite of knowing we will get a cold for sure.

It`s simply been soooo long since we felt the sun warm our faces, so we welcome it with open arms. (ok – it`s still only if you`re in a spot where no wind is allowed, but hey! it`s warming! 😉 )

But then you wake up one morning, ready for another crisp spring morning and what do you see???


God dammit….I really need that double mocka latte today!

...this is what May looks like at the moment 😦

DBS…talk about quality!

I really love my bike!

I got it at the police`s annual auction where I snatched it out from under a very persistant man`s nose. I wanted that bike – and I got it. It´s a typical citybike with 6 gears and  a big, comfy seat (well…as comfy as possible on a bike). It even has a basket in front and that basket – which I normally use for my bag og such – came in very handy today.

My lovely dog Alfie needs special food (he has special needs…hihi), and I thought I was picking up 6 kg today at the vet`s office, so of course I took my bike. But when I showed up they had ordered 14 kg`s instead and I was left scratching my head over how to get the huge sack home ALONG with my bike…eh presto – I shooved it down into the basket and zig zagged my way home.

I cannot believe my bike actually held up!

Thanks DBS! 😉

Sunday, lovely sunday!

There`s not much room for sewing these days with my new job (yay!)

all that dancing..

Went out social-dancing last night and had SUCH a fabulous time.

This was my view at 03.00 this morning..danceshoes and burgers (I ate double up what my male companion did… 😛 )

Totally nackered today though. My legs have really had a workout for sure!

my dogs (love!)

and last, but not least, my friends…here represented by Hanne & Eli chilling in my sofa while I made them dinner. Not a bad hang-over treat, huh girls?!? 😉

Finally the day ended with a lovely walk in the dusk with my tiny pack…we met 2 very cool amstaff`s (one was called Yoda…how cool is that?!?!?) and watched the sun go down.

I love sundays!!