Lovely December…

This December has been like coming up for air on my part…so many things has fallen into place and the energy has come back. On top of that, there has been lots of wonderful things happening.

First of all, my designing buddy, my muse, Ingrid came home for the holidays and we had our obligatory day of sewing and chatting. Lots of laughing and eating the carb-filled goodies I always make for these days, like the buns below (they`re filled by chocolate…yum!).

We work our way throug unsolved sewing issues and as always, there were lots of great discussions… “how would you solve this? Do you think I should do this or that?”

Nothing like having Ingrid there when I don`t quite know how to proceed 😉

In the end, Ingrid made a killer dress (well…we got the top down at least. The rest is still to come ;-)), and I worked on these pockets for my new trenchcoat-project. I love love love this fabric! It`s soft, black wool with tiny silver polkadots and I`m gonna use purple as a contrast colour (like the lining showing through the pocket below). It`s a side project from the new dress I`m making, but also a way to freshen up on some of those sewing teqniques I haven`t used in a while!

Plus – I need a fabulous coat to go with my fabulous dress and shoes for new years eve 😉

This is the first year I`ve been here in the Oslo-area for christmas, and for the first time I decorated my appartement with this star and a lovely little christmastree. It made the atmosphere so warm and cosy!

Then, on Dec.22 I went home to my mothers house to prepare for christmas and for the second  time in my life, I made “krumkake” (see for explanation ;-)) The first time was with my grandmother years and years ago where she taught me how to roll them into shape around a wooden “form” or  – as I did this year – shape them into cups.

The reason for making the cups instead of the cones is because we eat them with “multekrem” on christmas eve. “Multekrem” is made by whipped cream and cloudberries and is totally yummie!

It was extra special this year because I picked all the cloudberries myself this summer (and worked very hard for them indeed) and they`ve been hanging out in my freezer ever since just waiting for this day!

Looks nice huh? 🙂

Another great tradition is decorating the tree (and the house).

The night before christmas, we make mulled wine, watch The Butler and the Countess (also know as “The 90th birthday dinner”) and rediscover all the old christmas ornaments. I love it!

My grandmother and my trusted sidekick relax on the sofa – christmas eve.

The unwrapping of presents was a very exiting event for Alfie, so he was totally exhausted afterwards and had to take a nap in front of the fire 😉

Breakfast table on Christmas morning 🙂


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