(still) wishing and waiting…

I`ve recently done some rearranging in my appartement, and as a part of my “new year, new beginning” resolution – I´ve decided to decorate too. One of the big things will be lights. I already know I will get the “Midsummer light” lamp for my hall, but I need some new and funky lights for my bedroom and livingroom too…So I started researching and searching for the perfect lamps and these came up:

One of the cutest lamps I have ever seen!!


I could easily see one or two of these soaring above me when I wake up in the morning 😉

Then there is this amazingly beautiful lamp from Danish designer Louise Campbell…I crave crave crave this, but unfortunaltely it was part of a limited edition made back in 2004 – so the chance of finding one is probably next to nothing. Still – a girl can always dream!

These aren`t exactly the same, but still a cool idea! IKEA – what would we do without them? 😉


Then there`s the issue of my hall…I need some sort of partition and it needs to be both decorative (as it will be the first thing one sees when entering my appartement) and practical.

These are pretty I guess, but I think I`ll just go get me some wood and fabulous fabric and make one myself…! 🙂



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