I have a great deal of polaroids that I want to put on my wall, but it is really hard to find frames that fit and look good!

I am working on this whole wall of pictures in my livingroom, and the polaroids would really make the wall come together. Plus…now that they`ve decided to start production again (YAY!!), I definitively want to get my hands on one of those cameras and take more. I just love the way the pictures come out! Like this one taken by my father many years ago when my brother fell down the stairs to our basement. The reason love it is because he`s just so happy even with that black eye (plus – he`s super cute!) 😉


So, today I started searching on the internet for frames the right size and I found this site in the States that actually delivers all over the world:


I will be placing and order for sure in addition to the complimentary trip to IKEA to stack up on other frames as well as scanning the fleamarket on Saturdays 🙂

While I was searching for these frames and ideas on how to set up the wall I came across this picture at http://www.thehaystackneedleonline.com. I loved her blog and ended up searching it and feeling inspired!

The decoration is actuallymade of coffee filters and I think it so pretty! Don`t you?


I also found these lovely things at http://www.etsy.com/shop/AAliciaAccessories…sooo pretty and soft and girlie! I just wanted to make something just to put these on! 😉



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