Someone sent me this quiz and made me promise I would fill out all the questions…please send me you own answers if you like..Would be fun to see what other people answer 🙂

1.Where is your cell phone?

Right beside me on the table.

2.your hair?

Short and red













3.your mother?

At home or training (she`s addicted to working out!)

4.your father?

Down South, but soon on the move here. I have made the desicion and the wheels are in motion!

5.your favourite food?

Vanilla and rasberries…allthough it`s not really “food”. Oh and thai food…love it!

_MG_8888 copy







6.Your dream from last night:

Don`t really want to remember…

7.Your favourite drink:


8.Your dream/goal:

To become all that I can be, and be content by that.

9.What room are you in:

My livingroom

10.What is your hobby:

Sewing, dancing, reading, training my dog, hanging out with my wonderful friends.

11.What is your fear:

To not become all that I can be. And to be abandoned by the people I love.

12.Where were you last night:

Out being a salsera. It`s been a while, so I was a bit rusty but it was SO much fun taking classes again!! 🙂











13.Something you are not:

incapable of seing my own faults.


with blueberries…or chocolate…hmmm…really more of an chocolate chip cockies with macadamia nuts -girl!

15.Wish list items:

a studio where I could work on my projects without my flat looking like a bomb exploded 😛

16.Where did you grow up:


17.Last thing you did:

Took a shower, got dressed and getting ready to take a long walk with my trusted sidekick.

18.What are you wearing:

Purple knitted dress/sweater and tights.

19.Your TV:


20:Your pets:

Currently given up on stealing stuff to make me chase him and sound asleep next to me.














21.Your friends:

Love them! They are wonderful and supportive and make me laugh!

22.Your life:

Already hit rock bottom, so the only way is up! Steadily going in the right direction. What does not kill you, will only make you stronger and I will fix myself and come out much stronger on the other side!

23.Your mood:

Hungry, tired, restless, sad, calm, happy, exited and angry…all mixed together.

24.Missing someone:



My trusted bicycle!

26.Something you are not wearing:


27.Your favourite store:

The Munthe plus Simonsen store in Copenhagen…and this wonderful fabric store right around the corner. I always come back with much less money when I visit both of them 😉

28.Your favourite colour:

Red…or purple…or green…I just love colour!

29.When`s the last time you laughed:

last night

30.When`s the last time you cried:


31.Your best friend:

I am very blessed in the friends-departement!

32.One place you go over and over:

The coffeebar around the corner…I`m addicted to my morning coffee while I walk the dog.

33.One person who emails you regularly:

Ingrid – My designing partner in crime and muse. She`s too far away in Denmark at the moment and I miss her!

34.Favourite place to eat:

This great dim sum place in the center of Oslo.

35.Where do you want to be in 6 years:

That`s hard to know right now. But I will definitively have finished my education and will be working with what I want to do. No compromizes anymore!



  1. I just saw your comment on one of my posts and just wanted to say that I’m so glad you like my blog! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Ingrid Blå Said:

    Weee, I was the only one mentioned by name 🙂 That means I’m most important, hehe.. Miss you too sweetie!!! ❤

    • Applejack Alfie Said:

      Of course you are important! You are my muse hon! What would I do without you when important matters (and patterns) need discussion and baked goods need consumption 😉

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