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December 1st

I`m gonna spend it surrounded by candles 🙂


(still) wishing and waiting…

I`ve recently done some rearranging in my appartement, and as a part of my “new year, new beginning” resolution – I´ve decided to decorate too. One of the big things will be lights. I already know I will get the “Midsummer light” lamp for my hall, but I need some new and funky lights for my bedroom and livingroom too…So I started researching and searching for the perfect lamps and these came up:

One of the cutest lamps I have ever seen!!

I could easily see one or two of these soaring above me when I wake up in the morning 😉

Then there is this amazingly beautiful lamp from Danish designer Louise Campbell…I crave crave crave this, but unfortunaltely it was part of a limited edition made back in 2004 – so the chance of finding one is probably next to nothing. Still – a girl can always dream!

These aren`t exactly the same, but still a cool idea! IKEA – what would we do without them? 😉

Then there`s the issue of my hall…I need some sort of partition and it needs to be both decorative (as it will be the first thing one sees when entering my appartement) and practical.

These are pretty I guess, but I think I`ll just go get me some wood and fabulous fabric and make one myself…! 🙂



I have a great deal of polaroids that I want to put on my wall, but it is really hard to find frames that fit and look good!

I am working on this whole wall of pictures in my livingroom, and the polaroids would really make the wall come together. Plus…now that they`ve decided to start production again (YAY!!), I definitively want to get my hands on one of those cameras and take more. I just love the way the pictures come out! Like this one taken by my father many years ago when my brother fell down the stairs to our basement. The reason love it is because he`s just so happy even with that black eye (plus – he`s super cute!) 😉


So, today I started searching on the internet for frames the right size and I found this site in the States that actually delivers all over the world:

I will be placing and order for sure in addition to the complimentary trip to IKEA to stack up on other frames as well as scanning the fleamarket on Saturdays 🙂

While I was searching for these frames and ideas on how to set up the wall I came across this picture at I loved her blog and ended up searching it and feeling inspired!

The decoration is actuallymade of coffee filters and I think it so pretty! Don`t you?


I also found these lovely things at…sooo pretty and soft and girlie! I just wanted to make something just to put these on! 😉


Good Vibrations!

I firmly belive that music is the key to a good mood (or a bad, sad, angry or happy one). Music is the soundtrack to my life.

Here`s this weeks playlist…it`s more of a trip down memory lane then the last one!



Wishing and waiting….

It`s time for the holidays all too soon, and these things are on the top of my wishlist! (ok…I know it`s early – but I just needed a reason to make a wishlist ;-))

1. This amazing lamp!I want it for my entrance, but I just can`t decide on which colour I want…hmmm! Any opinions? (check out


2. Cross country ski`s!! What Norwegian doesn`t own a pair of cross country ski`s (well – except for me that is)?? Plus – I have to continue training my trusted sidekick even when the bike has to be put away for the risk of playing Bambi)


3. A new harness for my trusted sidekick so we are ready to do this when the snow arrives! 🙂


4. A revisit here! (or somewhere similar)


5. This amazing machine…I`ve wanted one for years and years to bake and make all sorts of karb-filled goodies in the kitchen!


6. New danceshoes…these remind me of my “old days” as a ballet dancer all the while being salsa shoes and pretty feminine 🙂 find them here:


I love this quote!

“As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it’s harder every time. You’ll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You’ll fight with your best friend. You’ll blame a new love for things an old one did. You’ll cry because time is passing too fast, and you’ll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.” – unknown

(got it from this lovely lady`s site:


Someone sent me this quiz and made me promise I would fill out all the questions…please send me you own answers if you like..Would be fun to see what other people answer 🙂

1.Where is your cell phone?

Right beside me on the table.

2.your hair?

Short and red













3.your mother?

At home or training (she`s addicted to working out!)

4.your father?

Down South, but soon on the move here. I have made the desicion and the wheels are in motion!

5.your favourite food?

Vanilla and rasberries…allthough it`s not really “food”. Oh and thai food…love it!

_MG_8888 copy







6.Your dream from last night:

Don`t really want to remember…

7.Your favourite drink:


8.Your dream/goal:

To become all that I can be, and be content by that.

9.What room are you in:

My livingroom

10.What is your hobby:

Sewing, dancing, reading, training my dog, hanging out with my wonderful friends.

11.What is your fear:

To not become all that I can be. And to be abandoned by the people I love.

12.Where were you last night:

Out being a salsera. It`s been a while, so I was a bit rusty but it was SO much fun taking classes again!! 🙂











13.Something you are not:

incapable of seing my own faults.


with blueberries…or chocolate…hmmm…really more of an chocolate chip cockies with macadamia nuts -girl!

15.Wish list items:

a studio where I could work on my projects without my flat looking like a bomb exploded 😛

16.Where did you grow up:


17.Last thing you did:

Took a shower, got dressed and getting ready to take a long walk with my trusted sidekick.

18.What are you wearing:

Purple knitted dress/sweater and tights.

19.Your TV:


20:Your pets:

Currently given up on stealing stuff to make me chase him and sound asleep next to me.














21.Your friends:

Love them! They are wonderful and supportive and make me laugh!

22.Your life:

Already hit rock bottom, so the only way is up! Steadily going in the right direction. What does not kill you, will only make you stronger and I will fix myself and come out much stronger on the other side!

23.Your mood:

Hungry, tired, restless, sad, calm, happy, exited and angry…all mixed together.

24.Missing someone:



My trusted bicycle!

26.Something you are not wearing:


27.Your favourite store:

The Munthe plus Simonsen store in Copenhagen…and this wonderful fabric store right around the corner. I always come back with much less money when I visit both of them 😉

28.Your favourite colour:

Red…or purple…or green…I just love colour!

29.When`s the last time you laughed:

last night

30.When`s the last time you cried:


31.Your best friend:

I am very blessed in the friends-departement!

32.One place you go over and over:

The coffeebar around the corner…I`m addicted to my morning coffee while I walk the dog.

33.One person who emails you regularly:

Ingrid – My designing partner in crime and muse. She`s too far away in Denmark at the moment and I miss her!

34.Favourite place to eat:

This great dim sum place in the center of Oslo.

35.Where do you want to be in 6 years:

That`s hard to know right now. But I will definitively have finished my education and will be working with what I want to do. No compromizes anymore!

The perfect music..

I am currently working on a new project (pics will come later) and for those creative rainy days you need a good list of songs to inspire and create the perfect mood.

I went to the movies on Sunday and watched 500 days of Summer…a very cute film with a very cute Zooey Dechanel in very cute outfits and a VERY cute soundtrack. So cute in fact that I downloaded it on my iphone on the way home, and most of these songs made it onto my list alongside some “old” classics and some not so classic tracks. So here it is 🙂

aase’s happy list