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My newest project…


The tülle is gonna be a lighter, softer shade and the skirt will be shorter and more voluminous in the end 🙂



button 1

I found these last night and I just thought they are SO cute! I will definitively be making one for myself, but I think I will add a ribbon, so that I can wear it around my waist if im modelling something on the manequin og fitting something.

Also…wouldn`t it be cool to use this idea as embellishment on something? A dress, a bag…there`s no end to the possibilities! 😉

About me!


Hello everyone…This is my new blog that I`m gonna try out and see if it`s for me or if I can actually create a blog worth reading/seeing. I`m a creative woman living in Norway, and I`m gonna try posting pictures, inspiration and ideas here.

So here goes nothing! 🙂

oh…and this dress is one of my projects from school…we were supposed to be inspired by reptiles or bugs, and I chose to make a cocoon (my inspiration was moths).